Azure Pack: Add a new user to a plan automatically

Update: It looks like SMA is not executing the script when a new Tenant is created, but rather when a subscription is added to the user.
Trying to get it confirmed from Microsoft if that is a bug that’s been introduced in one of the latest updates. See comments for more details.

Problem: When a new employee for TrueSec (our company) is logging into Azure Pack he has to be added to the “Tenants – TrueSec Employees” plan manually.

Solution: One way is to add a “signup code” to the plan and tell new employees to manually join the plan with that specific code. It could work, but does not feel like the most optimal solution.

The desired way would be if all new employees could be added to that plan automatically. Is that possible?
– Of course it is, with the help of SMA! Let me show one way to do this.

Pre-Requisits: Connection Asset, SMA Runbook, Link Runbook to a tasma_asset1sk.

In my case, I’m using the MgmtSvcAdmin asset which looks like this. But you can also create other types of Connections with working credentials. Just notice that you have to enter the name of the Admin Site server in the Asset, as the script will use that info. And the useraccount specified obviously need access to use the Admin site (to modify the subscriptions).

Add a new Runbook with the script below. In my case, I’m using ADFS to connect to the Admin site, so the script has to generate a ADFS token first.
if you are not using ADFS, you will have to modify the script to use a normal Windows authentication. It’s the most common way to authenticate, so there shouldn’t be any problems finding example code for.

Though, please note that the script is currently matching the new users e-mail address to (in our case) or If you don’t use ADFS, it’s possible for a user to type any name they want during registration and then possibly get added to a plan they should not have access too.

And finally, add a new Automation Task, you do that under Clouds -> Automation.
Object: SPF Tenant
Action: Create
Runbook: New-Tenant

The script:

I hope this helps you automating things in your environment. If you can think of any other great usages for SMA or have need for automating something. Please make a comment, maybe I’ll be able to assist.

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  1. Hi,
    Yes, I was told that this is currently by design. The user is not added to SPF until the user is added to a plan which contains a VM Cloud resource.
    Meaning that the SMA Job is not triggered until that happens. So the user manually has to join a Public Plan, which will then start the SMA job.
    They are aware that it’s not what we wish for, and will fix this in a future version.

    So it looks like I unfortunately, screwed up my testing and that I never had this working. I guess, that when I removed the test-user accounts they still existed in SPF UserDatabase which somehow triggered the job when a new test-user logged in. I apologize to all of you for wasting your time.

  2. I will try to ask that during tonights Microsoft Virtual Academy session about Azure Pack with focus on SMA. Hopefully they can give us an answer.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for your answer. It’s a little bit strange.
    > From my point of view, it would be strange to have a “SPF Tenant Create” event that’s not
    > launched when a user is created, but rather when a subscription is added to the tenant.
    That’s exactly what I also noticed. The tenant is not created in the SPF until the user signs up a plan and a subscription is created.
    So basically the runbook gets fired off correct when the event happens but it seems the event seems to happen at the wrong moment.
    It would be logical if the tenant is created in SPF at the moment a new user logs in to the WAP portal. But that’s not how it is at the moment… Maybe this is a bug with CU2…

  4. Hi!
    I’ve recently been told the same from another reader (and noticed that myself too) and was looking into this a bit more.
    I can’t bet my life on the fact that I had this working at the time I wrote the blog post, but I would bet my left arm on it, I’m a bit unsure if I were “lucky” or if some junk was left from my testing which made the runbook kick off.
    But the fact is, that it’s currently not working in my environment either and I can’t find the reason for that. I think, that it was working I had some new colleagues login and get added to the right plan. But that there has been some Windows Update patch installed that broke the SPF Event handling.

    From my point of view, it would be strange to have a “SPF Tenant Create” event that’s not launched when a user is created, but rather when a subscription is added to the tenant. That’s what the Subscription Events should be used for.
    If I recall correctly, my testing showed that the when a user is added to a Subscription BOTH the Subscription and Tenant Create events where started.

    We have a thread in the TechNet forum about it;
    and I’ve sent a message to two PM’s for Azure Pack about it, but got no reply back yet.

  5. Great Idea and Script!
    But it does not work for me. Maybe i missed something but the create action of “SPF Tenant” gets not fired off until the user subscribes to an other plan. So when a news user logs in (with ADFS) he has still no plan/subscription. The user has then to subscribe to another plan and then the runbook runs and the plan definied in the runbook gets also added.

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